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Introducing our Newest Guest Blogger – Rebecca

Introducing our first guest blogger of the new year – Rebecca!! Interested in learning a little bit more about the sassy, sarcastic new addition to the Creative and Chaos writing squad? Read on!

Before I dive right into telling you lovely readers my messy thoughts, deepest fears, and crazy stories, I figured you would like an introduction. So here are some things about me – Rebecca!

#1 – I was home schooled through elementary school and completed secondary education online. Current education status: I am one semester away from finishing my undergrad, with the potential of doing a masters in a few years after I find myself (if you have any hints or tips on the ‘finding myself process’, please comment below!)

#2 – I love cats; if I end up as single as I am now, I fully intend to have more than 3 cats in my household

#3 –  I am rekindling my love of reading. Currently trying to tackle the Bible, but I’m still in Genesis… I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

#4 – My favourite non-alcoholic drink is a London Fog. I also enjoy a good gin and tonic (although a year ago I used to think that gin tasted like pine trees…)

#5 – I am obsessed with cars; it started when I watched the Fast and the Furious film series. Currently trying to teach myself the parts of an engine … similar to me reading the Bible, I’ll get back to you on how that is going

#6 – Music is another love of mine. I enjoy most genre’s (besides country…) and have 10 years of vocal experience. Fave song right now is Bom Bom – Sam and the Womp, but I love classic rock and jazz. Also currently trying to re-teach myself piano and I want to learn how to play the guitar/drums.

#7 – I admire all people who are fashionable, can find their foundation shade, contour cheekbones into existence and can blend eyeshadow.  I am not one of those people, but not for lack of trying

#8 – I have an aversion to crying, but not to emotions. That being said, I recently cried at a new Coke-a-Cola commercial that featured Frankenstein singing “There is No Place like Home for the Holidays”.

#9 – I have social anxiety, but have acted in a few community theatre plays. Not sure how that works.

#10 – I love movies and musicals. Also a major fan of the Marvel and Harry Potter series. Currently watching on Netflix: Once Upon a Time, Supernatural and FRIENDS.

#11 – I like to change my hair colour. My signature look was a red streak through my black hair, however, now I’m trying to make my previously red hair… grey. It’s a process. A very, very slow, very brassy blond process. Check out my Instagram for my hair history (bexzter202).

#12 – I am a muay thai enthusiast.

#13 – I am afraid of heights, most amusement park rides, ghosts and the paranormal, and failure.

#14 – I love food. Mostly all kinds of food. For now we can say my favourite food is sushi, but I have many others.

#15 – I’m 5’2 which really puts a damper on my modeling career aspirations.

Bonus: If you haven’t already noticed, I’m fairly sassy and sarcastic. But I’m super friendly too, so say hello! Let’s start a conversation. Until next time, happy reading my friends!

Keep it locked to Creative & Chaos to see more from Rebecca! Interested in becoming a guest blogger? Send us a message at!

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