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I Think I Know You From Somewhere – A Creative Story – Part 2

After meeting this gentleman downtown, he had texted me for about two days. The conversation ended with him asking my birthday. I don’t know if I was just too busy or if I had decided not to engage in conversation any longer but I stopped replying and continued to move on with my life. We had texted once briefly in between but again; I had left the conversation unanswered. About a week and a half/two weeks later he had texted me again. Rather persistent might I add, not that I was bothered by it, but was certainly interesting. Earlier that day, my father mentioned that he had said hi to the man I met during one his games. When he texted me ‘Hey’ I had replied with ‘hey, my dad said he spoke to you’. We talked for a bit after about the possibility of me coming to one of his games and maybe seeing him afterwards or before. Sure enough, I went to a game and watched him play. My father and my sister weren’t kidding when they said he was one of the best players on the team! I’ve never been that person that’s into the typical athletic guys as I, regretfully so, imposed quite stereotype on the guys that were heavily into sports. That being said, there was something I found attractive about someone succeeding.


We continued to chat via Snapchat and text messages for a few days or so after. Eventually, he asked me to dinner and I agreed. The days leading up to this date consisted of outfit planning, nerves manifesting in my tummy and a compulsive need to look perfect. I’ve been on dates before, quite a few ‘first dates’, but this was one of the few ‘first dates’ I’ve been on where I was incredibly nervous. Like a gentleman, he came to my front door and introduced himself to my parents. And just like that we were off. We walked to his car and he opened the door for me. I know this might seem like a very small gesture but you got to understand that I hadn’t had a guy I was seeing, do that in a long time. My past relationship did not consist of those kind of gestures really. We drove to dinner and the night went more amazing than I thought it could.


He made me laugh – like really laugh. He told me about his hockey and his desire to be a pediatrician. He listened to my endeavours consisting of futile studying of political science while honing my passion in photography and writing. He was so similar to me but had enough differences as well that we never stopped talking. After dinner we went for dessert and just when I thought one of my favourite dates ever was coming to a closer, he suggested we go to a board game café. I’d never been so I was excited and with the way the night was going, I did not want to go home so I would have taken any excuse to spend just a little more time with him. We battled in Chess and checkers, and laughed over and over again as we lost to each other in Connect 4. There’s something sweet about connecting over something so nostalgic – it’s as if you revert back to a time without all the worries of the world and that was indicative of my time with him. I forgot about the burdens of the projects I had on going at work, and the sadness I felt every time I had to leave my home to go to my rental house in the city I was studying in. We ended the night and he drove me back home. It seemed as though neither of us were interested in ending the evening so we sat in his car for another hour and talked until 2am. For 7 hours straight we talked that night.


He walked me to the door at 2 and we stood on my front step. At this point I was hoping he’d kiss me. You see we made this bet before the date that if he didn’t score at his game, he would only get a hug good-bye. Much to my dismay…he didn’t score. He had brought it up and said, ‘well I guess I’ll just give you a hug because I didn’t score’. I was not going to let this wonderfully charming man leave without a kiss goodnight so I said, “Is that really all you want?” and he had said no, but his hand on my face, and kissed me. A perfect close to a perfect evening.


We had gotten together again that Thanksgiving weekend for a stroll at a conservation area and we had planned to have him come up to my other house and visit on Halloween in two weeks. Those were the slowest two weeks.

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