I know I’m sad when I’m alone, but that loneliness is a comfort because it’s familiar

Hey Creative and Chaos readers! I haven’t posted a lot of photography in a while so I thought I’d share some shots from a shoot earlier this week! I always find that dark portraits allow for discourse on reflecting on your own experiences so these pieces really made me think about my own state. I find I sometimes get so caught up in my free-lance work that I force myself into a space where I am lonely – I can try to get out of that space but I’ve become so accustomed to that feeling of loneliness that I usually can’t get out of it. I do find though that photography as a medium allows me to open up and talk about it and that helps! Anywho, onto the photos that sparked my thoughts on the matter! With a speed-light mounted on a light stand that reflected off an umbrella, and my bed-sheet as a backdrop – here are some of the photos that were taken!

Black and white photo of girl with hand in hair

‘I know I’m sad when I’m lone, but that loneliness is a comfort because it’s familiar’

black and white photo of girls profile

dark toned photo of girl looking at camera, body angled sideways

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