Summer Has Started – May Five Favs

If you’re a university student that switches to full time work every summer, this may not be the traditional ‘summer for you’ but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a good time! For me, the summer brings evenings to do as I please as there’s no homework and warm weather that results in much time spent outside doing my favourite things!

Although May has just started I’ve developed  a list of a few of my favourite things this season so let’s get started!!

Pinot Grigio Sangria by XOXO

It feels so wrong to start of my summer favourites with summer wine, but oh so right at the same time! A family member actually introduced this to me and I love it! It’s got the under taste of wine with a big summery, fruity flavour to separate this flavoured wine from the rest! Want a tropical fruit flavoured wine for the wind-down weekends? This is my suggestion!


Black Diamond Mozzarella Cheese Strings

I forgot how much I loved these things – string cheese is one of the best inventions in my opinion. I mean its portion controlled so I don’t down an entire brick, it’s that squishy cheese that tastes good with crackers and it’s nostalgic. I rekindled my love for these recently and I couldn’t be happier to be a child and lunch with my cheese string and crackers!


Kat Von D Everlasting Lip Liner in Vampira

I know, I know – I wrote a post about these lip liners last week but this one is different I swear! Although I love the quality of these new lip-liners by Kat Von D, Vampira is my fav! The reddish burgundy colour is so rich, and its matte quality stays all day! I reapplied once at work and that’s only because I had a greasy burger and the oil degraded the lip colour a little bit! It doesn’t transfer which is fabulous and it’s nice and small enough to fit in the little room in my purse that I have left!



Striped Off -the-Shoulder Shirts

Okay am I the only one that is seeing these everywhere? They’ve popped up on my Instagram several times. Here I was thinking I was being somewhat unique in my purchase and then a week later, so many women that I follow on the ol’ Insta are sporting them! Either way though, the nautical, summer vibe are perfect for summer and I don’t see me donating mine any time soon no matter how popular it gets! This particular one is the one I got at Urban Planet recently for only $20 bucks!

Off the shoulder blouse

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with Chocolate Chips

Wow… I’ve posted three food and drink items on this favourites post – I fee like that’s a record… I regret nothing! Any who, this lovely custom frap was actually introduced to me by my partner! As much as I poke fun at him every time for ordering it, it really is the perfect summer drink. No caffeine, and a whole lot of sweet, milk-shake tasting goodness! 10 out of 10 – would recommend!

vanilla bean frap


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