Making the Tough Choices

Hey readers! If you’ve been following along thus far you know I’ve been pursuing my undergrad in Community Development and Policy Studies (Political Science) with a minor in Communications. You also probably know that I burn the candle at both ends working often over 35 hours a week plus school to pay the bills and establish my brand so that I can create content for the rest of my life. That being said; I’ve recently had to grapple with some tough decisions and I thought that just maybe, if you were in a similar position and needed a push in the right direction, my story could help.

It’s never easy to say, “This isn’t working for me – I need to do something different and really change up my life” especially if you are adverse to change or have a few things really tying you down. For me, I have my few jobs that I love – my work as a web and digital assistant in an institution and as a bar photographer for a campus bar, both of which have become little work families to me. I have the life I’ve built as an involved student on my university campus, my rapport with my professors that I’ve worked hard to build, my friends and acquaintances I see on a day to day basis and many of my sisters in a  sorority I am a part of. Each of these things could very easily keep me in town but I’ve recently evaluated my life to decide what I really need going forward to keep myself sane and happy.

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I need a smaller town for now that I can settle into and explore myself creatively. I need to not be forced into working copious amounts of hours in addition to my schooling to meet the high living costs of the city I’m living in. I want to be able to do both part time opposed to working often with my education fading away in the background. I need somewhere quieter so that I can think and get back to what it is I wanted in life. A place I can bike around and clear my head when I need to think. These are the things that would make me happy!

Sometimes making the choice for your happiness is one of the hardest things to do. It seems simple, right? You’re not happy – fix it. As I mentioned previously though, it’s not always that easy. I’m about to leave my colleagues, my work families, my friends, my university life behind and about to move to a town where I only know a handful of people. I’m leaving my positions to be filled and the friends I am used to seeing everyday. You  have this feeling of people being let down by your choice to leave even though you know it is what it best for you. I understand that, I do. But at the end of the day – can you really be there for your friends, family and work if you haven’t learned to be there for yourself?

Think about it next time – I know it’s difficult to make that tough choice to leave a toxic relationship or friendship, to pack up and move somewhere that is better for you or maybe to switch you degree or really any other big step, but sometimes that is what you have to do! And if you ever need someone to talk to – drop us a line at!


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