DIY & Adventurous Date Night Ideas

So we know you adore your other half to pieces and enjoy any time spent with them of course, but what if you are looking for ways to spice up date night, birthdays or anniversaries and aren’t sure where to start? We got you covered 😉

Change of Scenery for the Night

It can be lovely to stay in, or commute back home after a night out. I mean you get your own comfy bed, you don’t have to pack anything extra because everything you need is at your disposal, and there’s a certain comfort of being at home. Sometimes though, there is a novelty to spending the night at a hotel in a new bed with fancy restrooms, a lovely view etc. However, I know sometimes a hotel can be out of your budget so I recommended checking out Air B&B! Think of it like a hotel in the sense that you pay for the evening but instead of a hotel, you are renting out a room in someone’s house or their whole apartment! You could even take this a step further and do a weekend away up north renting out a cottage through Air B&B!

Rent out a Fancy Car for the Evening

Following suit with Air B&B, you can change-up you road trip or ride to a fancy dinner with a similar renting application but for vehicles – Turo! You simply make an account and validate it through Facebook to confirm your identity and validity as a driver  and then you are good to go! Take a fancy car such as a Tesla or a Mercedes for a drive in the evening and add an instant extra level of class to your fancy date night!

A Night on the Obstacle Course

Check out your local city listings and see if there are any Indoor obstacles courses for you and your significant other to try out! Race each other if you are the competitive type or help each other out for a a fun boding experience! If you are in the Toronto area checkout Pursuit OCR – a 10,00 square foot building full of obstacle courses and ‘awesomeness’

Board Game Cafe Night

Now you can either make this in your home and set up a big comfy area on the floor lit with candles and coupled with snacks and cozy blankets or you can go out and find one: A BOARD GAME CAFE! My partner actually took me to one on my first date and I think it’s the coolest idea! I loved it because it gives you a chance to get back in touch with your childish self which I really like. It’s a chance to love and have a bit of friendly competition so I definitely suggest it! I’m from Toronto so many of my recommendations are coming from there – If you are looking for a good board game cafe to check out you can visit Snakes and Lattes for a coffee and killer game of Battleship or if you’re more of a beer & games kind of person you can check out Stout Irish Pub that has beer, an Irish food menu and a selection of games! Now go out there and get your date on!

What about you? What are some of your cool ideas for date night?

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