Blogmas – 4.5 Alternative Christmas Jingles When You’re Tired of the Traditional Tunes

Are you the type that adores the holiday season but are just getting a bit tired of the redundant renditions of “walking around the Christmas tree; and ‘last Christmas”? I know I’m beginning to get my fix and December hasn’t even hit yet!! In honour of the other amazing holiday tunes out there, I’m gonna give you a taste of some other festive, winter season tunes that may be of interest to you this holiday season!

 5. Ho, Ho, Hopefully – The Maine

I have loved this song since middle school and will continue to do so for a very long time! It’s just so cute! Romance, indie tunes and the holidays – I couldn’t ask for more!

4.5? Baby It’s Cold Outside –Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone Version

This is where the .5 comes in because I know it’s a traditional holiday song but I love it to pieces and I couldn’t leave it out!

3 Cuddle Up – Catey Shaw

I just recently stumbled across this on a Christmas Spotify list but I think it’s quite adorable and worth the mention here!

2. Snow – Sleeping at Last

This was a hard one – the decision between this and the song I chose for the number 1 slot was definitely a difficult one! I love this song because it reminds me of my buddy Zoey that sang it for a singing and piano competition once and it melted my little heart! Since then I play it year round and even more so during the holiday season – it’s good for those Sunday-morning-guitar-jam-sessions

1. Christmas Tonight – Dave Barnes

When I imagine the ideal little romantic, Christmas get away I think of this song and the music video! Cuddling up beside the fire with your significant other, hot chocolate or wine, all that adorable Christmas stuff! It just makes me super happy which is why I’ve saved it for the number 1 spot!

What’s on your list for favourite Christmas tunes this season?

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