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My name is Jesse and I am a recent college graduate in Digital Media. I have experience in everything digital, but my passion lies in Social Media Marketing as well as Digital Strategy. I recently moved to Downtown Toronto and right away my interests grew; I could see the people around me acted different, dressed different, and had a different vibe about them. This realization led to my new found passions – street style or “athleisure” and photography. I spend most of my time these days researching the newest street styles, learning the ins and outs of photography by going on walks with my DSLR, as well as trying all the different boutique coffee shops.  My favorite quote is “Life is about growing and improving and getting better”. As simple as this seems, I am driven by improving myself in some aspect every day.

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Before I dive right into telling you lovely readers my messy thoughts, deepest fears, and crazy stories, I figured you would like an introduction. So here are some things about me – Rebecca! Read more…


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