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Review – Kat Von D Everlasting Lipliner

Let me just preface this review by saying this; I’ve never been a fan of lip-liner in any capacity.

The lip-liners I’ve tried were too dry and tended to make the lipstick process harder for me then anything else. They were dry, they did not blend well and I just started to feel like there really wasn’t a purpose for lip-liner in my make-up collection. Then incomes the Kat Von D Everlasting lip liners! I was sent this product in the colour Lolita complimentary for review purposes and thank goodness for that because I must say, I think I have just fallen in love! I would not have tried to play ball in the eyeliner game again but I am so happy that I have!
 new Lolita everlasting lipliner by Kat Von D
Never have I tried a liner that had such rich colour and durability without drying out my lips! The lip-liners are full coverage which is awesome and can serve as a lip-liner or lipstick really because they go on so smooth! They start out creamy like a regular lipstick but they dry almost like a liquid lipstick in the sense that they are no longer sticky and they will not move (perfect for the busy working woman!) I’m not kidding when I say that either, I was able to have a sandwich for lunch and rub my hand accidentally on my lips and the liner (which I wore as a full on lipstick because it was so rich in colour) stayed on! That’s the one thing I really need in a lip product – durability. If it won’t last more than an hour and I find myself having to keep applying throughout the day – it just won’t work for me! I’m on the go often with work and life, so this product is perfect! And even better? The product is vegan!
Closer-pu Lolita lipliner by Kat Von D
” ..such a rich colour and durability without drying out my lips!”
The Lolita shade in particular is versatile for a day-to-day wear or in combination for a night out! What I really like about this particular colour and the product in general, is that it is extremely versatile; you can wear it on its own because it is full coverage and so creamy, that you can just spread it over your lips like a lipstick! Keeping the versatility vibe going – you can pair this lip-liner with a lipstick of a similar colour or use it to transition to a darker or lighter colour for an ombre look. If you have another Kat Von D Everlasting lip-liner you’re set because they blend together so nicely! They also work really well with any other creamy-based lipsticks you might have!
Price point wise – this lip liner is completely reasonable too and well worth it for the quality and amount of product you get! Kat Von D is an US site so if you are an US baby then you’re golden as it sells online for $18 USD! For my Canadian loves, you can purchase the lip liner off of Sephora for $22!
All in all – this lip-liner has changed the game for me and I must say I am back on board the lip-liner express and not jumping off anytime soon!
Lolita lipliner by Kat Von D
Have you tried the newly released Everlasting Lipliner collection? If so, let me know what you thought in the comments or send an email to!
*I received these #EverlastingLipliner product complimentary from @Influenster & @katvondbeauty for testing purposes and a influenster #contest

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